Counselling is highly confidential and is carried out within strict professional boundaries. Any client information will be coded accordingly, where no individual information can be identified from this information. I will keep limited records of our sessions.


All my client information is now kept on the BACPAC on line client management system. This secure hosting platform has been vetted by both the NHS and Ministry of Defence for hosting confidential medical information, so you have complete peace of mind that your notes are stored safely and securely.



There may be certain exceptional circumstances in which I may be under legal or ethical duty to disclose information. This is to ensure your safety and the safety of others and to comply with legislation, these would include:-

  • When a counsellor has good grounds for believing that a person may cause serious harm to themselves or others e.g. Child Protection.
  • When instructed by a Court to disclose information.
  • Disclosure of criminal activity or knowledge of criminal activity
  • Other statutory obligations

Terrorism Act 2000:

Drug Trafficking Act 1994:

When necessary to uphold Child Protection Laws.

  • Where there is a clinical reason to share information with other professionals, and you have agreed.